Restoration of "Jet Stream" a William H. Tripp Jr. designed 38' fiberglass sloop
Hull #8, built in Holland, in 1961

Javelin before

"Jet Stream" at Jamestown Boat Yard on June 4, 2002

"Jet Stream" was stored in the very back of Jamestown Boat Yard for twelve years with her previous owner hoping to someday make repairs and get her back in the water. Her interior had been removed to effect hull repairs and modernize her plumbing and electrical systems. All of the removed furniture and equipment had been then "dumped" back into the interior, making the scene disheartening indeed. At some time more than twelve years earlier, she had been allowed to break free from her mooring and went aground on the the "Dumplings" area of Jamestown, where her keel, lifelines, bow and stern pulpits suffered some damage. Following that incident, she was scheduled to be sold and nearly was until she failed a hull survey because of the damage.

"Jet Stream" had a much brighter early life. With one owner for her whole early career, she was the flagship of the City Island Yacht Club, where her owner was Commodore. She had a very successful racing career and was well known in Long Island Sound. As I learn more of her early history, it will be posted to this site along with many pictures.

The Javelin 38 was design number 164 by William H. Tripp, Jr. It was designed for Brian Acworth of Seafarer Fiberglass Yachts, Inc., on 42nd. Street, New York. William Tripp designed the "Block Island 40" and the Hinckley "Bermuda 40" in this same time frame. These designs were the hottest ones out there for races like the Newport-Bermuda and had much success. At some time I will write a section about Bill Tripp and his designs. He was killed in an automobile accident in 1971. His son (also William Tripp) continues the tradition with fine designs from his firm "Tripp Design". www.trippdesign.net

For comments about the Javelin 38 or if you know the whereabouts of any (There were less than 25 built.), please E-Mail Bruce Wigton at bewigton@aol.com
If you are in the neighborhood, come on over for a tour. The boat is located near Newport, RI on Narragansett Bay at:
46 Pennsylvania Ave.
Jamestown, RI 02835