Water Tanks

The Javelin's water storage has been relegated to fiberglass tanks integral to the keel. The main fresh water tank is divided into four interconnected compartments with access covers and structural baffles. It was designed to carry about 100 gallons of fresh water. Since the tanks are above the external lead ballast, the keel bolts were sealed with fiberglass mat in the bottom of the tank. There is also a 1-3/8" internal diameter fiberglass pipe running through the tanks to carry water from the forward cabin bilge, to the sump tank. A sump tank with a capacity of about 25 gallons, is located just aft of the fresh water tank and has a hose connection for an external evacuation pump.

Water TanksSump Tank
Water TanksSump Tank

Tank PipeTank Cover
Pipe Drain Through TanksFiberglass Tank Cover

The integral tanks have a couple of problems:

1) The external ballast was too light and the only convenient place to add ballast was in the water tank. This necessitated a fiberglass encapsulation and caused a reduction in storage capacity. More can be learned from Ballast

2) The tanks were never sealed with any special coating, so that would have provided yucky tasting water and provided a path for water to form blisters in the fiberglass from the inside. With the way the added ballast lead was sealed (or not), I really hope noone drank the water anyway or they may have seriously lowered their IQ.

In order to properly coat the tanks as well as get at the keel bolts and sort out the ballast situation, I removed the tank cover or floor. When I cut away the glass, I was impressed that the floor was a full 1/4" thick and that the interior tank baffles were real serious bulkheads.

Floor RemovedInside The Tank
Cover (Floor) Removed From TanksInside The Tank

The pipe that provides drainage from the forward cabin/head is made of fiberglass and is thin on some parts that go through the water tank. Rather than fix the pipe, I have elected to remove and replace it with a manufactured pipe that should provide a better barrier between the gray water it carries, and the fresh water I may be drinking.

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