Hull #5 Souffle'

Hull #5 (sold by Ted Jones)
In addition to the history of Souffle' noted above, the following notes were provided by Ted Jones and by Walter Dorwin Teague in his autobiography "Industrial Designer - The Artist as Engineer".

Souffle' had an interesting first sail as recounted by Ted Jones: "I picked up Souffle from shipside in New York Harbor with my friend and neighbor as crew. We had an uneventful trip to Derecktor's in Mamaroneck, NY but I ran aground on a mud-flat at high tide right in front of the boatyard. Somehow we got Jack ashore who called home for a ride, and I spent the night sleeping aboard at a steep angle of heel. High tide occurred about 0800 and I was the butt of much derision from ashore until Bob Derecktor came out with his launch and pulled me off. He kindly said nothing about my seamanship. Souffle' was the first Javelin delivered.

Souffle' was very seriously campaigned in Long Island Sound and in many of the Off Soundings races of the 60's. The Teagues had her outfitted for offshore racing and did very well in many notable races. She was raced in the 1964 Bermuda Race wth a 16th in class of 21 boats and 62nd of 142 boats on corrected time, a very nice showing for a first attempt with a new boat. In 1966, Souffle' took a 3rd in class in the Annapolis/Newport Race. 1967 was Souffle's most active and successful racing year. She won top honors in the prestigious Charles Francis Adams Memorial Trophy Race. She also won first place on elapsed and corrected time in the three and a half day Marblehead to Halifax Race in Class E. Then she earned 2nd in class in the Monhegan Race from Falmouth Foreside, around Monhegan Island. Then followed that with a first in class and 2nd overall in the Chandler Hovey Race. These victories gave Souffle' runner-up honors behind Ted Hood for the New England Racing Championship for 1967. She raced again in the 1968 and 1970 Bermuda races. In 1970, she finished 5th in class even after breaking a headstay and losing a couple of hours rigging a spare headstay while being pushed the wrong way in the Gulf Stream. The 1970 Bermuda Race was her last major race, even though she was entered in the 1971 Annapolis/Newport Race. The 1971 Annapolis/Newport turned out to be a drifting match where Souffle' fared badly. Souffle' spent many more years cruising the East Coast and only met her demise through some apparent bad judgement. She was moored on a substantial mooring at a Jamestown, RI boat yard when Hurricane Bob came up the East Coast in summer 1991. The Teagues had removed the sails and prepared her for the storm, but apparently an employee of the boat yard decided to change her to a different mooring during the early hours of the storm. After he had taken her off her mooring, he lost her and she went ashore in the Dumplings area where she pounded herself to pieces. The following is a sad picture of her end.

Souffle' on the Dumplings
Souffle' On the Dumplings (courtesy Teague autobiography photo)

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