Hull #23 Majek

Hull #23 (built by the Graves yard in Marblehead)


"Majek" was purchased by Abbot Fletcher in 1966 as the last Javelin built. She was built at the Graves yard in Marblehead and had a few differences from the Javelins produced in Holland. Majek has all internal lead ballast, unlike the the other Javelins. She also has a very stout hull that is reported to weigh about 1000 pounds more than the other Javelins. Majek has had a very successful racing career and terrorized the Gulf of Maine for many years. In addition to her local wins, she won the Marion - Bermuda Race in Class E in 1999 and in Class F 1997. In 1997 she also won overall and received the Navigator's Trophy. In 1993 she won the Marion - Bermuda Race in Class F and also won the Adam's Trophy. Abbot Fletcher was very well known for his sailing and navigating ability and the sailing world lost a brilliant man when Abbot died not long after the 1999 Marion - Bermuda Race. The rest of her crew including Abbot Fletcher's son Max who was the boat's navigator and technician, and Bruce Washburn, Dave Skaling, Jim Bennett and Henry McAvoy also deserve much credit for Majek's stellar performance. She also had a 5th in Class K of the 1997 Marblhead - Halifax race and many other trophies that I did not find on the web. Majek was later sold to Doug & Bev Harmon of Gagetown, New Brunswick. They intend to cruise with Majek.

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