Hull #11 Javelin and Lively

Hull #11 (sold by John B. Slavin)
"Javelin" was purchased from the John B. Slaven agency in Detroit, Michigan, in the late spring of 1961. According to her builder's plate, she was also built by C. VanLent & Zonen of Kaag. She was purchased by Don Sucher of Sucher Tire in the Detroit area. Don was a member of the Detroit Yacht Club and an avid sailboat racer. In 1961, "Javelin" was raced in the Bayview - Mackinac race and did quite well. According to John Slaven who was one of the crew, they almost took first place on uncorrected time but were relegated to 16th place on corrected time, according to Yachting magazine. There is a picture of "Javelin" on page 66 of the September, 1961 Yachting magazine, while jockeying for the Mackinac race start. "Javelin" was apparently delivered with a red hull, unlike all the other Javelins that are known. In May of 1965, she was sold to Paul Hitch, also of the Detroit area, who was attending Harvard Business School at the time. Even though "Javelin" was based out of Detroit, she had just been shipped to Miami. Paul had to have her shipped back to Detroit. This is a picture of her in transit back to Detroit. Javelin enroute to Detroit
Paul renamed her "Lively" and had her documented as No. 504469. During the time Paul owned "Lively", he changed the long roller reefing boom to a shorter aluminum boom. His family sailed her for 10 years and sold her in 1975 to Dick Gause, also of the Detroit area. It is my understanding that a picture of "Lively" graced the cover of the Bayview - Mackinac Race brochure for several years. If I can obtain a copy of the photo, it will be posted here. Dick kept her only 3 years and sold her to Donald Stubbs in 1978. Another photo from the Bayview - Mackinac race start in 1967 appears below. As I understand it, "Lively" was too "tippy" for his then very young daughter and they elected to look for something that would heel far less. The Stubbs kept "Lively" until 1993 when she was sold to Frank Walczewski, Martha Ennis and Patrick Ennis. The Stubbs had since moved from the Detroit area to Marblehead, Massachusetts and brought "Lively" with them. "Lively" then went to Maine with the Ennises and was sold in 2001 to her present owner, Roland Roy of Chelsea, Maine. She has had few changes to her structure or layout and appears to have weathered the years well. In pictures provided by Roland Roy, she looks very original. She even still has her original style wood hatch covers, although I believe Paul Hitch replaced them while he owned her. Roland Roy has just finished repainting her hull (white) and repowering her with a Phasor (Kubota) diesel.

Port Huron - Mackinac Race 1967
Lively #11 at Start of Port Huron - Mackinac Race 1967

Lively #11 with new hull paint 2002

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